A biography of mohandas k gandhi an indian spiritual and political leader

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Gandhi wanted to go. His plan was based on passages he had studied in the Hindu Bhagavad Gita holy book and the Christian Bible. He was arrested in Maybut public protest only increased due to his arrest. He tried to adopt "English" customs, including taking dancing lessons.

Hindus believe in a variety of deities gods. They are craftsmen and peasants who are assigned to provide services to others as laborers, such as in construction.

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This effort of Gandhi was in part motivated by the British promise to reciprocate the help with swaraj self-government to Indians after the end of World War I. Untouchables may not enter temples or use the same wells as other people.

Some Hindus, however, increasingly viewed Gandhi as a traitor for expressing sympathy toward Muslims.

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Gandhi, Mahatma