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Sea levels are rising, ice is melting, and dangerous weather patterns are becoming more and more frequent. Despite this being potentially seen as a setback from detractors, it turns out to work effectively and the movie excels for it. But it is also emphasised that we as individuals have our part to play both in taking a hard look at our lifestyles and in holding our leaders to account — politicians, after all, tend to respond to what the people want. And he hears about things that every citizen of Earth can begin doing right away to help. It revealed so much about who he is as a person and the audience was able to connect with him and the film because of it. The emphasis is very much on the impacts, and the story is peppered with shocking statistics. As DiCaprio journeys from the Canadian Tar Sands in Alberta to the smog-shrouded streets of Beijing, waterlogged areas of Miami to the decimated rainforests of Indonesia, he asks the questions that anyone with a curious mind might demand: How far have we gone? Overall, it's one of the most universal and possibly most helpful and hopeful of the recent climate change documentaries. Do you consider him a role model? The science is sound, and in July we just had the hottest month ever on record. Before the Flood was available in 45 languages across countries, eventually reaching an audience of more than 60 million people worldwide. For cause-driven documentaries like this, connection is a crucial factor, more than information or slick aesthetics.

DiCaprio has long been a proponent for integrating a more developed approach to understanding and handling climate change, but in this documentary, his voice is more profound and direct than it has been regarding the issue.

Any accusation that unsympathetic forces might level against DiCaprio are ones that he mentions himself, including concerns about the carbon footprint of someone who jets around the world trying to address climate change.

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US, We cannot afford to have political leaders out there that do not believe in modern science or the scientific method or empirical truths The influence of corporate money into politics is touched on, and DiCaprio travels the globe to see how other countries like China and India are handling climate change, and getting a first-hand account of the effects of climate change on communities that could very well be a preview of much worse things to come.

Given the platform that DiCaprio has, this documentary benefits from his name and his interest in the issue, allowing it to reach a larger and necessary audience to help facilitate change.

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Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that the Trump administration would have rolled back all of the progress made by President Obama.

In some ways, DiCaprio being a celebrity can be seen as a detractor, as it might give people who already do not agree with the effects of climate change the platform to dismiss both his opinions and the documentary itself as a sort of propaganda piece.

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