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Unfortunately, when it comes to homeschooling, there are very few reliable studies and statistics available. Positive parental role models are found less and less frequently. Change happens by people not realizing it is happening. Perpetually, Proposition picks extreme cases like "homeschooling as religious indoctrination", or minority methods like unschooling, and argues that we need to ban homeschooling to ban these extremes. Within this point, some parents have legitimate concerns about the moral tutelage their children receive in state schools - about the kind of moral message some teachers choose to impart, and the kind of classmates they find themselves alongside. Kids need just as much social and emotional stimulation to learn how to read social cues, overcome personal and relational challenges and even build self-confidence as they began to better understand their place in the world. Opting out of society is something one can only choose as an individual. We believe a self-actualized individual is aware of their own limitations because their talents have been nurtured from a young age, with their mentors providing for their development. You get to define your own homeschool why! To them the child is an individual - to the state, merely one of the many thousands moving through the system. Mankiw, N. What stems therefrom is that a child's environment is often only as diverse as parents allow it to be - and there is no change to that with homeschooling ban. There are several examples where homeschooling may be more beneficial than a traditional classroom: cases of bullying and learning difficulties come to mind. Several ideas in this argument merit refutation simply by virtue of being bland assertions. The government will need to raise that extra money, thus restricting our financial freedoms, or to redirect that money from other vital projects, where they already are too scarce.

In effect, Proposition fails to provide for its minor spin-off benefit, while attacking basic social tenets without substantiation. But much more often than not, these situations are the exception to the rule.

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Interacting with other children who may be taught different belief systems and come from different social-economic statuses and religious or ethnic backgrounds prepare students for their future, where the potential of having to deal with someone who is different is almost inevitable. Laws require all children to be educated.

This could be for a number of reasons — perhaps it may be due to the fact that their children are predominately seen in the home environment, limiting their chances to show off their potential in other situations. The Definition of Homeschooling Differs Would you consider all these children homeschoolers?

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Take the smoking ban. Regardless of how important it is tolearn to dance, sing, and play, employment standards are based upon public education standards. We have dealt with all of these points when needed; the variation thereof, though, shows another thing.

High cost Compared to sending children to public school, homeschooling can be expensive. In New York, for example, parents must submit paperwork to the school district — but only for children within the age of compulsory education.

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