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He boasts, with genuine pride, that he's the first Jew to set foot on his boss's yacht. PlayBroken Glass The play was written in and takes place in Brooklyn in the last few days of Set in Brooklyn in , the play presents us with a middle-aged woman, Sylvia Gellburg, afflicted by a mysterious paralysis of the legs. Arthur Miller's psycho-sexual drama ponders this question as Sylvia, a middle-aged Jewish woman in s Brooklyn, is stricken with paralysis just as Hitler's brownshirts are rampaging in Germany. While Sylvia's affliction leaves her terrified, it exposes Phillip's deepest emotions. Rifkin may be less surprising here than his co-star. Throughout the play, Dr. We currently support the following browsers: Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11; Chrome latest version, as it auto updates ; Firefox latest version, as it auto updates ; and Safari latest version, as it auto updates. As the play opens, her husband, Phillip, and her doctor, Dr.

Hyman, via conversations with Phillip, Sylvia, and her sister, Harriet, discovers that the Gellberg's marriage was built on resentment and that over the years has become loveless.

Relevant today - shockingly so - if you want to delve into some Miller, I highly recommend Broken Glass. Martin the snobbish bank president and the broadly amusing Lauren Klein Sylvia's gossipy sisterthey mostly seem to be putting in time.

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Glass, once splintered, cannot be put back together. Sylvia's paralysis, we're meant to understand, stems from the failure of those around her to recognize the Nazi threat.

Harry Hyman David Dukesthe neighborhood practitioner, who's treating Sylvia, into an incorrigible womanizer and dashing equestrian.

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As a young man, Miller held jobs ranging from radio singer to truck driver to clerk. Since Sylvia is movingly portrayed by Amy Irving and Phillip is acted by Ron Rifkin, on a characteristically short fuse, "Broken Glass" delivers periodic jolts of pain and anguish.

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Broken Glass: Arthur Miller: Methuen Drama