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The winner of the toss strikes first, which is called the opening break. Now let us know how the actual game is played. The player who guesses correctly wins the toss.

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A player may be regarded as on losing side if he reports late to the umpire. If the Queen resting perilously at the mouth of the pocket and actually falls into the pocket for any reason, it shall be considered to have been duly pocketed.

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Matches are ought to start at the scheduled tick of the clock. If a player puts the queen and a carrom man of the player's own colour in the pocket with one use of the striker, the queen is automatically covered, no matter which went first. The player is supposed to place striker in between baseline to pocket the carrom men. Every corner of a side of the board has a circular hole with a diameter of 51cm covered with a net from the back side having the purpose of stopping the coins to fall down on the floor on being pocketed by any of the players. To pocket the queen, it is necessary for a player to cover it. To win, a player must receive all the carrom men on the board. The Hikone carrom board has larger pockets not unlike those of pichenotte , the discs are arranged in a ring also like in pichenotte , each player is given twelve discs instead of nine, and the queen known as the "jack" is pocketed last similar to Eight-ball or Black ball.

The base lines shall be closed by circles of 3. Both players normally try to cover the Queen in addition to trying to win the game because a player who wins and also covers the Queen receives bonus points.

If totally covered, the piece is placed opposite the next player behind the red spot. Masters world championships rules are laid by the UK Carrom club.

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Carrom Rules and Regulations That'll Help You Master the Game