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The causes will first be grouped as sociological, psychological or biological.

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The government should create more jobs than it already has, to stop idle youth from engaging in criminal activity. Mambi,p. Crime is the dependent variable while the causes of crime are the independent variables. The seven emotions consist of: anger, contempt, fear.

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S Electronic Communication Privacy Act ECPA it restricts unauthorized access to electronic facilities, communication services and unlawful access to some information without authority. These causes can be further divided into causes within the institution of the family and causes within the society in general. Chapman, R. The government pays a lot of attention to the plight of children in the event of a divorce or death of parents. Introduction Crime persists as one of the challenges societies face. First, governments can introduce more police forces everywhere to monitor people s activities and stop them from committing crimes. People around the world always think of Pakistannis as terrorists- we aren't all like that. It provides the foundation for companies to run internally and externally sufficiently through linking with the suppliers, as well as the partners. However, there is a big controversy questioning the effects of these media outlets on children.

However, the underlying causes of crime are all the same. There is also some consideration towards a web server security that include, removal of the CGI scripts since they not to be used commercially.

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Recommendations The government should consider introducing programs that teach the youth how to deal with peer pressure into the education curriculum as early as grade school. The authorities need to adopt necessary measures to resolve this problem. There exists set laws that govern the businesses from such hackers and e-fraud thieves. The constant rise in crime rates the United States over is a certain cause for alarm. Too much of anything is poison, and the government has focused on punishment for too long a time. The e-theft could be done from anywhere in the world. The authorities need to have efficient solutions such as tax balance policy and film rating system to decrease the rate of crime and defend their populace. The sociological causes of crime are the main causes of crime. The first is that they can alter the computer input in an unauthorized way, secondly, they can embezzle company funds by altering input data, and lastly, some of them can rewrite software codes and uploads them into the banks mainframe in order for the bank to provide the users with the their identities. Crime reports by security agencies such as Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI will be instrumental in understanding the causes of crime. Poor parenting is also one of the leading causes of crime in Florida and the United States at large. The lack of good role models in the family and society plays a central in encouraging crime within the youths of America. C: National council for the social studies, National Association of secondary-school principals, departments of the National education Association.

This highlights the danger society faces. International Conference,p.

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The government pays a lot of attention to the plight of children in the event of a divorce or death of parents. Data Analysis and Interpretation The causes of crime in the United States will be sought out following a baseline approach. The government must address corruption in security agencies to help in the fight against crime. Criminal events that are discussed din light of these theories. There is a great need to grasp the full understanding of the causes of crime in order to effectively combat this problem. The nature of crimes that are committed in the United States of America is very diverse. In almost all the neighborhoods in which crime is a constant threat, there are a number of baseline underlying factors that are responsible for this high crime rates. With the introduction of internet, global communication has improved dramatically in different ways of communicating such as emailing, chatting, and financial transactions. These organs are the key players in the propagation of crime, and possibly the key players in curbing crime, as well. Another common feature of these neighborhoods is high unemployment and poverty rates. Data integrity could be accidental, they, however, rise from communication and system errors. Causes of crime: Distinguishing between fact and opinion. Based on this, it is necessary to address these factors in a conclusive manner, to prevent further growth of these cancerous tumors that continue to eat away society.

E-business process management: technologies and solutions. The nature of crimes that are committed in the United States of America is very diverse.

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