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But the winds of change have blown strongly in recent years and the traditional view of CRM and its alleged success is constantly fading Wind, Purpose This paper aims to discover how CRM needs to evolve in order to remain significant in the era of social media.

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Co. Once they cleared the queue of emails they could then move on to help with the Club Penguin support which was the main focus of Disney Interactive or onto another product. Iger blamed the sluggish performance on lower hotel occupancy rates and a further decline in attendance, which had already fallen 14 percent, to After our purchase, my husband was invited to create a login for My Disney Experience as well as download the app.

In an attempt to position itself differently and change the perception of the visitors Disney came up with few ideas. On a side note, I discovered that the idea of this sort of interaction has been around sinceas you can see from this article.

These beacons are capable of two way data transmission. That will allow your team to focus on the other emails that require a personal touch. Walt Disney applies the same strategy to gathering the perfect data.

Companies must strive to create likeability, engagement and a personalized approach towards customers.

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Disney Interactive’s CRM & Excellent Customer Experience