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Yet the need to feed a rapidly growing global population—projected to reach 9 billion by —is urgent. This will continue to result in increases in forest losses, contributing to more and more carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Brazil is among the countries embracing REDD among other efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The greenhouse effect is what makes Earth so unique from the other planets; we have just the right amount of greenhouse gases to make for a suitable temperature. And even the properly planted trees have had great difficulty surviving the combined impacts of prolonged droughts, pest infestation and fires.

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The Rainforest Alliance breaks down the numbers for you—and explains our innovative approach to keeping forests standing. Among the many gifts forests give us is one we desperately need: help with slowing climate change. Three months before the conference, the 7 billion planted trees mark had been surpassed.

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After reading about this, I was so upset. If we do only the former and not the latter, we risk transforming more and more of our carbon sinks into carbon sources as climate change progresses.

Nonetheless, China currently has the highest afforestation rate of any country or region in the world, with 4. In other words, if tropical deforestation were regarded as a country, it would be the third-biggest emitter globally — ranking just below the U.

Effect on climate change[ edit ] Decrease in biodiversity[ edit ] Further information: loss of biodiversity A study conducted by the National Science Foundation found that biodiversity and genetic diversity are codependent—that diversity among species requires diversity within a species, and vice versa.

So while, under current trends, tropical forests are currently contributing 8 percent of the problem every year, Global Forest Watch estimates that they could potentially provide 23 percent of the climate change mitigation needed to keep warming under 2 degrees by Read This Next.

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Deforestation and Climate Change