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The Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, for example, has stated that "development is a whole; it is an integral, value loaded, cultural process; it encompasses the natural environment, social relations, education, production, consumption, and well-being.

Please remember that this term is used for convenience. Along with such common types of intellectual properties as patents, trademarks and copyrights there is another one, which is comparatively unusual and hardly determined — trade secret Therefore, less developed countries have to focus their attention on how to develop or adopt the industries and technologies from developed countries.

Within four years, international politics have been transformed and a new era has begun. Any aid strategy formulated by developed countries must address this central dilemma. The standard of living is quite high in the developed countries as they have an equal distribution of income, whereas the standard of living of developing countries is in between low and moderate as there is an unequal distribution of income.

The erection of such safety nets would cost only a small fraction of GNP and would prevent more costly political and social disturbances later. I think that we need to rethink our plan to help underdeveloped countries and create a new plan that is more manageable for the path to development Over the last two years, Canada, for example, has become more directly involved in their initial formulation, and there has been an increased linking of Canada's bilateral aid to SAPs.

Developed countries are also known as industrialized, advanced, and first-world countries while developing countries are also known as underdeveloped, least developed, and third-world countries. Many choices that degrade the environment are made not because of lack of concern for the future, but because of the imperative for immediate survival.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of the world's poor live in the most ecologically vulnerable areas of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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