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How do I make them in mass quantities? High school training in the culinary arts is an advantage, as is a knowledge of baking processes, equipment, and ingredients.

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In small bakeries or specialty shops, bakers bake small quantities of breads, pastries, cookies, and pies for consumers. S for an e-book alone. Then, it was game on -- our own version of cupcake wars.

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It can be very lonely sometimes because you are the only one trying to put out the fires, stay afloat and fulfill all kinds of requests.

It was Lolisa the baker who won Maura's votes and the confidence to get out there to the front to bring in the customers.

Day in the life of a bakery owner

You can earn back more than the price of the guide your very first day in business. Bakers produce a wide range of goods, including staples like bread and fancy desserts. Then I get anxious about when or if the recipient will receive the gift I sent out. Reproduced by permission. Creativity is required, because bakers create new variations of products and decorate specialty goods like wedding cakes in accordance with a customer's request. If you aren't a baker yourself, you can hire bakers for your bakery. Lan: I used to work in journalism — particularly newspapers — and would read about small businesses and their owners all the time. Ever since we launched our snack gift boxes, I've certainly been tasting a countless number of snacks to include in our gift boxes. Useful subjects include home economics food and nutrition , maths and processing technologies. It's a great thing to have a small local following, but sometimes the body just breaks down a bit and I just have to push on! Not to be left out of the excitement, I had to take a turn with the spatula. I got into baking because of my dad. It's not super serious.

I had been running the bakeshop for [more than] five years before I felt comfortable launching the bakeshop's extension of snack gifts. I basically feel honored to be able to take part in other people's celebratory activities every day — whether it's baking cakes for parties or wrapping snacks in gifts boxes for various occasions.

I consider making cinnamon-sugar toast from a Mickey Mouse "cookbook" one of my earliest inspirations for my love for all things food. For the last year and a half all I've wanted to do is make cakes and set up a cake business, and from my passion, my goals and pushing myself, I finished to get there today.

They often start as apprentices or trainees, and learn through on-the-job training or take high school or community college courses in the culinary arts before they get a job in a specialty or industrial bakery.

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This includes things like coming up with a company name or how many products to offer.

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Become a Bakery Owner