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It also indicates the method of governance of the people. But at the same time, it is also argued that the Constitution is simply an arrangement, better say of interim nature.

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Essay on the Introduction to Constituent Assembly: Steel frame work of a nation is its Constitution, which reflects both will as well as wishes of the people. More than amendments had to be made in the Constitution of India in order to get it approved. This proposition was also not acceptable, because that would have also meant exclusion of vast majority from right to vote.

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Even the challenge of framing a constitution in order to enable govern the country was also fulfilled. The Act has made provision for holding of elections of panchyat bodies regularly, and finances for developmental activities at village and local levels will be placed directly at their disposal. But at the same time, it cannot be denied that it was under several internal pressures. Majority of the members of the Assembly belonged to small westernised professional middle class which was under the influence of old English education system. To under-estimate the importance of one religion and over-estimate the other is unknown to India. On the other hand, another view expressed was that every constitutional document is handi-work of human beings. The Advisory Committee on Minorities recommended that the system of separate electorates should be abolished. With the passage of time disintegrating forces and fissiparous tendencies would have raised their ugly head. Influence of other Constitutions The Indian constitution is unique in its content and spirit, although it had borrowed many features from the constitutions around the world.

InIndian National Congress also promised the people of India a federal structure for India after independence. Therefore, these debates form original source of the study of our constitution.

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Not only this, but the Assembly itself was faced with many serious problems, and it was really a Herculian task in itself to face and solve these problems to the satisfaction of vast majority of Indians. The constitution was approved by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November It was here that various alternatives and suggestions on the recommendations of various committees were debated.

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Ambedkar with great patience. In all the Assembly worked for days, out of which days were devoted to the consideration of the draft constitution. The whole of India would have again got divided and the country would have plunged in chaos and disorder. On the other hand, framers of Indian Constitution took about three years to complete their work. For the sake of few Muslim patriots who had decided to live in India, the country could not give up its Hindu character. Therefore, the people of India were psychologically prepared to have a federal set up and it was difficult to all of sudden change that outlook. To build a healthy society, each citizen shall have the right to ;ustice, liberty and freedom. The Assembly, therefore, saved the country from chaos and anarchy and gave the nation a document which still provides steel frame work of Indian administration. Since law making process is very complicated these days, therefore, nation cannot afford to take the risk of violating a constitutional provision. It is a welfare state which puts its people first. I am content to leave that to others and to the posterity. The Constitution makers followed a course of least resistance. French Constitution- Ideals of Liberty, Equality and fraternity. It was also to see that such a document should come up to the expectations of the people and not only that immediate needs of the people are met but also that it is responsive to future needs.
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