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Farahmand Z, Ahmadnia SH. Existence of different phases for marriage, motivated researchers to evaluate marital satisfaction in each phase. It seems that due to the lack of complete agreement over important issues like raising children, financial problems, and relationship with relatives in the middle of married life, compared to the first-fifth year, dissatisfaction will be the result and grounds for incompatibility and instability will be established; however, when children become separated and independent of family, marital satisfaction is more than when they live with their family Asian Social Science. In general, it is possible that all aspects have been investigated in Iran; however, the researcher could not get access to them through searching keywords or in some cases, access to articles was not completely possible; therefore, the abstracts of the articles were used. As Strong, DeVault and Cohen note, "family researchers have found numerous premarital factors to be important in predicting later marital happiness and satisfaction. Zarea B, Safyari Jafarabad H. The conducted studies focused more on investigating the relationship between the five personal factors of openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism and marital satisfaction. It was observed that the psychological profile of couples faced with incompatibility and dissatisfaction is unfavorable, and prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders was higher than those of the control group Effects of Demographic Variables on Marital Satisfaction. Role of career factors on marital satisfaction of nurses.

Many families are satisfied with having two children regardless of their gender. Most studies have referred to the age ranges of 18—25 and 24—30 years as suitable marriage ages for men and women, respectively 12 — 14 because some believe that marriage at these ages is accompanied with a higher quality of life and that marriage at the age of below 18 for women and 20 for men will likely be associated with divorce or failure 11 and decreased stability of marriage Different definitions have been proposed for the number of these years, which indicates cultural differences Also, studies showed positive effects of sexual satisfaction on marital satisfaction 38 Results According to results, the spiritual and religious, sexual and interpersonal factors, communication and interaction factors and mental health had positive impact on marital satisfaction in the vast majority of studies.

factors influencing marital satisfaction

Indian journal of research. This issue can be defined within cultural and geographical structures 18 and vary according to specific social criteria and traditions of each country. Thus each complain ends up being laced with other grievances that went unresolved in the past and eventually one or both partners start to blame or criticize each others personality while totally disregarding the particular action that brought about the argument in the first place.

Factors that influence marital success

New ideas in education. Moreover, there was a relationship between sexual satisfaction and marriage duration, and individuals with marriage duration of under 15 years had higher sexual satisfaction Such occurrences may in one way or the other trigger or worsen marital stress. Footnotes iThenticate screening: November 14, , English editing: November 26, , Quality control: December 06, Conflict of Interest: There is no conflict of interest to be declared. Social sciences journal of Literature and Humanities faculty of Mashhad University. In regard to marriage age variable, some studies referred to dissatisfaction among young and old married individuals, but with a higher level among young individuals 16 , When it comes to criticism, the same is characterized by one partner's constant attack on the other partner's character as well as personality as opposed to zooming in on the unwanted behaviors that trigger differences. It seems that the suitable marriage age is influenced by culture and geographical region In this regard, a study by Mirzaee and colleagues showed that marital satisfaction scores in employed spouses of married men are significantly greater than the housewife spouses of married men in Kermanshah 32 , but in a study carried out by Sadegh Moghadam and Co—workers, this relationship showed no statistically significant differences Ayub N, Iqbal SH. The criteria of spouse choosing in viewpoint of Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences students.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Relationship between personality traits and personal-family factors with marital satisfaction staff of government offices in Ahvaz.

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In most cases a reverse significant relationship between neuroticism and marital satisfaction and a positive significant relationship between agreeableness and marital satisfaction were observed 74 , The role of personality trait dimensions and gender on predicting marital adjustment. However, lack of marital satisfaction is 5 times higher among individuals without sexual satisfaction Woman and family studies. According to Strong, DeVault and Cohen , an individual's level of education enables the said individual to access additional resources which may be utilized in the execution of marital roles and duties. In their submission, Strong, DeVault and Cohen are of the opinion that "people who marry young are at greater risk of seeing their marriages fail. However, stonewalling becomes destructive when it starts being regarded a typical response to marital conflict. A review including 94 meta-analysis studies referred to an average to strong relationship between religion and commitment and marital satisfaction. Having children, especially boys, is no more an important concern for families. Level of marital satisfaction in couples living in Iran. In most cases, the purpose of contempt is to bring down the other partner's sense of self by openly disrespecting him or her. The relationship between financial issues and marital relationship. Farahmand Z, Ahmadnia SH. Doctorate of philsophy degree, national university of singapore. Nowadays, with an increase in educational level, attitudes toward having children have changed.

Copur Z, Eker I. The educational level of the spouse was an important factor among young adults in selecting their appropriate partners 29and there was a significant difference between girls and boys in terms of this important factor As a result, eighty three relevant articles were used.

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Factors Predicting Marital Success or Failure Research Paper