Group discussion for case study 1

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He handles the company's dealers in the northern region. We cannot necessarily assume that there was a need or a perceived future need of a hardware professional at the time of his appointment. His immediate superior, out of kindness, writes him a recommendation letter, which may help him in getting the next job. Some council members are alleged to have taken money from the store and the council funds. This is priority number 1 because it involves a factor superior to us and hence one we do not control: The court. The second, and more important, difference is that unlike the conclusion of a topical GD — in which the panel does not expect a particular outcome — the ideal conclusion of a case-study discussion already exists in the minds of the panellists. Most participants will have their own perspectives on the case in Step 1.

He had very few friends. The number of trucks that rolled out of the factory was equal to the number of axles assembled. Doggy reveals that he had taken the money for paying the medical bills of his daughter, Ms. Institutes make use of this tool to assess the decision making powers of the aspirants based on their communication and effective leadership skills before allowing admission to them.

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Group discussion for case study 1

Keep in mind the following to make the best out of it: It is more about understanding and analyzing. However, as a young blooded individual, you decide that the company should branch into something more glamorous and contemporary. The purpose of a case study is to understand the complexities involved in a particular situation through detailed analysis and to reach an optimal solution. We cannot merely wish it away. Do not be in a hurry to speak without arriving at some logical analysis and solution strategy. How should the company resolve this situation? It important to agree on the order of priority so as to ensure that all participants are on the same page, and the limited time is most effectively utilised. The product features are constantly developed e. We cannot necessarily assume that there was a need or a perceived future need of a hardware professional at the time of his appointment. Pariticipants are expected to process the information, analyse the cause and prominent points on which remedial course of action is required and then discuss the same effectively and appropriately in the group. Your current responsibilities involve procurement of rats, dogs and cats from the dark interiors of Africa and selling them at a profit in developed countries as pets. How aptly you analyse the situation with logical approach How much time do you take in arriving at the decision How good you are in taking a correct decision What should be the right approach? One of your subordinates named Natrajan told you that an important member of his team, Vardarajan, who had also won the best performance award for the year , was not taking interest in work.

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