Hacking redefining the societys concept of the computer enthusiasts

Montfort, Nick. Currently most women seem to prefer to undertake politically engaged work in a purely cultural environment and on a non-technological level. To finish, I will give a brief glimpse into the near future when the world will be populated and shaken by women hackers, who are out of control: Please have a look at he Guide to Geek Girls p.

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It is not just in the commercial development of technology, but even more in alternative fields and the technological underground that there are so few women involved. It's not that we're targeting young male hackers, it's just that that's who we find, by and large, when we investigate the complaints.

Even now, many hackers prefer to focus on the 'sporting' aspect, placing themselves in the political spectrum as "liberal" or even "uninterested".

Obviously she subscribes to all relevant lists and follows what is going on. I find it significant that the deconstruction of the all-pervading power of technology, from a cyberfeminist point of view, has first to be combined with a gender-specific deconstruction of power, since technology is still, primarily, associated with maleness.

But nowadays they are starting to organize and publish their ideas, reach a wider public and acquire political influence. I don't know of any such women, personally.

Bazzichelli, Tatiana. We saw this precise pattern with the release and attempted suppression of DeCSS, a short program which could be used to circumvent copy and regional access controls on DVDs.

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Most people told me that there certainly WERE female hackers, but nobody had any detailed information. You will soon discover how incredibly dull it is.

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