How text messaging affects teen literacy

It uses long sentences like this Gibbon one. We also asked about texts sent as a way to exchange information privately in situations where voice calling would be inappropriate or unwise.

It can affect our future on trying to get a job. Finally, teens were asked about how text messaging is used as a part of school work done outside of school. A report released by Internet and American Life Project, a unit of Pew Research Centerstated that an average American teenage student sends nearly 50 text messages on a daily basis.

texting does not affect writing skills

Other Effects of Text Messaging in the Classroom As shown in the previous paragraphs, there is no unanimity regarding the effects of text messaging to students in relation to literacy skills. As unlimited text and data plans become more common in the United States, this will be more feasible.

Sending text messages has become a medium of choice for mobile phone users. I thought it was about the funniest thing ever. Persistent use of text 'shortcuts' affects literacy because people get used to using the text version of words in their everyday life.

Few people send a text message without expecting a response, yet unlike face-to-face communication, the response may not be immediate. At the micro level, parents and teachers need to appreciate the paradox of the ubiquitous yet surreptitious use of cell phones by young adults.

So unlike other languages English has survived and become so dominant through evolution. DiscourseAnalysis Online, 1 1.

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How is Text Messaging Affecting Teen Literacy? by Allison Bleasdale on Prezi