How to write a good hard news story

This depends on a few factors. If you go this route, make sure to provide broader detail and context in the few sentences following your lead. A note about the question lead. Soft news stories can be presented in a variety of ways, but they usually try to entertain or advise the reader in some way.

How to write a news story

Stories that fall under the umbrella of hard news often deal with topics like business, politics and international news. The major difference between hard and soft news is the tone in which the story is presented. Which type of lead should you write? Such stories begin with setting the tone and introducing the reader to the atmosphere surrounding the story, before jumping into the who, what, when, where and whys. Put that information first, and then follow it up with who said it. Those words belong in columns. It is possible to see news features that may be considered both hard and soft, such as a story about the business dealings and private life of a successful media mogul, leaving some to wonder if it is a business or a lifestyle story. Seriously, they do. Therefore, how you craft your lead is very important. Write in the active voice. Hard news is the kind of fast-paced news that usually appears on the front page of newspapers. Why are readers clicking on this content? Just start. A piece in the New York Times co-authored by Sabrina Tavernise and Dan Froschjune begins: An ailing, middle-age construction worker from Colorado, on a self-proclaimed mission to help American troops, armed himself with a dagger, a pistol, a sword, Christian texts, hashish and night-vision goggles and headed to the lawless tribal areas near the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan to personally hunt down Osama bin Laden.

Go short and punchy. Put that information first, and then follow it up with who said it. What problem are they trying to solve?

Why add to their torment by naming them here? Murphy, estranged couple, from the Snake River.

structure of hard news
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