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Find out how much experience they have with the topic and adjust the speech accordingly. Is there a hot topic that you know your audience wants to hear your opinion on? You pour hours and hours of your time into writing a great piece of content, in the hope that it will drive scores of new readers to check out your site and maybe become new customers.

Powerful vs. Personas don't need to be limited to people.

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Optimize your content. It's difficult to take a step back and make an unbiased analysis of your audience, whether because you feel you already know them well, business is going well, or you're not sure where to start.

Market research plays a surprisingly similar role in traditional marketing, helping you get to know your market, follow the trends, and determine strategic priorities for your brand and market. Their preferred learning styles.

Braithwaite also notes that knowing more about the venue and the size of the room will give the speaker some idea as to how energetic and physical they will have to be to engage the audience, whether a microphone will needed, and what type of visual aids will be the most effective.

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Why Knowing Your Audience Is The Key To Success