Letter to mrs jones

Good luck on Christmas. Thank you!

thank you maam letter assignment

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? Tell Jack I love love him and I miss him sososo much! I really want the sims for the 3DS. Sincerely, Shelby T.

thank you maam letter from roger

Hope everyones being nice. I will only talk to my uncle on the mike!!!

This will be my 20th year teaching at Goodnoe Elementary School. Ingoy the otmeall cokise and drink. Please go over the letter of the week with your child. Please keep an extra pair of clothes in your child's backpack just in case of an accident. Please send me a hue coler canging light, a Harry potter lego set. But for christmas this year I would want another snow gun, a hat for the snow, and a jacket. My list my cang. I would like to be in the nativety secne for first Bapatist Church in Salado.

There are many great learning sites on youtube. I trid to let my sister to not be scrd of the fly shot it kindof wukt. The rules are: 1.

Thank you maam letter assignment

I would like to be in the nativety secne for first Bapatist Church in Salado. Please check the school website and read our class "Letter of the Week" so you can talk to your child about all the amazing things they are learning. I am so thrilled to be your teacher this year. What I Want: 1. Dear Santa, How are the raindeer? I am so sarry. Sincerely Harley T. Hope everyones being nice. Sencearly, love Jace Dear Santa, How was your summer! Letters to Santa Claus from Salado third graders in Mrs. Wat I want for Christmas is for santa to yous his magic to make a fints in my back yard and a littel bool in is beacause enry winsday night I go bool ride. My sister thinks you are real. Your bigest friend, Lauren M. Good luck on Christmas. I enjoyed spending a lot of time with them this summer.

Sincerely Peyten S.

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Letters to Santa Claus Mrs Jones and Mrs Lane Class