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There are also some great third-party Snapchat analytics tools, which you can learn about in our post on how to use Snapchat Analytics. You can share reports with team members directly within the Hootsuite Analytics interface. Focus on predetermined social goals Social media can help drive awareness, sales, leads, engagement—the list goes on.

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The facts are interesting, sure, but the reasons behind the data are what can help you tweak your strategy and set meaningful social media goals.

Discover your brand's media performance by month, quarter, or year by analyzing your presence online and on social media. Generate reports instantly based on metrics such as share of voice, tonality, media exposure, top publishers, top influencers and many more.

Tap Insights, which should appear right under My Story. Find out more here:. You can get more details on how to make the most of the data available through all of these social reporting tools in our blog post dedicated to social media analytics.

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We offer our clients Media Intelligence, E-Reputation and Social Media Analytics solutions which allow them to make better, more informed decisions in the blink of an eye. Now we track our mentions in the news, and go much deeper by measuring sentiment, reach and advertising value of this coverage. You can share reports with team members directly within the Hootsuite Analytics interface. Instagram Insights Open your Instagram profile and tap on the three bars menu icon on the top right of the screen. To export data to include in your social media report, click Export Data on the top right of the Insights page, and choose which data to export and the format that works best for you. And rather than simply reporting the number of clicks you drove to your website, you might want to analyze how much of total website traffic is coming from social campaigns. Analysis This is where you go beyond simply reporting the numbers to analyze what the data actually means. That's invaluable to us. Facebook Insights Head to your Facebook business page and click Insights in the top menu.

You can click through various reporting options in the left menu to see more detailed information about likes, reach, actions on your page, and more.

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