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The situation, however, has undergone changes in the past twenty years. For past three decades, researchers have continued to affirm that culturally authentic children's literature engages the imagination and enhances the language skills of minority children. During the oath ceremony, I was so heartened to see applicants from 61 different countries gathered there, taking our pledge of allegiance together. The 4 books that involved African American characters include the Cay by Theodore Taylor which was published in and sold 2,, million copies. Elementary social studies curriculum guide K Taylor's results suggest that to increase an African- American child's interest in reading, and improve their reading proficiency, culturally conscious books can be a valuable asset. I took a favorite childhood story of mine and adapted it to my current context with my two sons. In her study of three African- American fifth graders, she discovered that when instructed to self select literature, African- American children chose books that dealt with African American experiences. Growing up in the melting pot that is India, I was struck that day by the unity in diversity in my new adopted land. The author provides information on Cinco de Mayo, a major holiday celebrated by Mexicans and Mexican Americans. Pluralistic themes to foster belief in cultural diversity as a national asset as well as reflect the changing nature of this country's population. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE. This paper presents an historical overview of research and reading programs which have found that multicultural literature is a valuable learning tool as well as research which documents the longstanding lack of multicultural literature in the children's literature. Specialized Selection Sources Barrera, R. Moreover, 8 Newbery books had negative stereotyping in terms of status of community, 2 Caldecott award books employed these stereotypes Gary,

The books that had minority characters relied heavily on stereotypes of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. The need for permanent inclusion of culturally authentic literature persists. ED Boyd, Candy Dawson.

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Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco An unforgettable story of friendship between a black and a white soldier during the Civil War. Despite studies indicating the value of culturally authentic children's literature in stimulating interest in reading as well as reading proficiency of minority children, children's classics, tradebooks, Newbery Medal books, Caldecott books, and best sellers do not feature multicultural characters, themes, and settings. Through convert censorship, racist and sexist stereotypes and attitudes have passed from generation to generation. In addition, exposure to quality multicultural literature also helps children appreciate the idiosyncracies of other ethnic groups, eliminate cultural ethnocentrism, and develop multiple perspectives. The following sections will provide guidelines and resources for selecting multicultural literature in the elementary classroom. Her basic definition of multiculturalism is a sound one: "Multiculturalism addresses the warfare waged against specific groups of people—armed warfare, plus aggression implemented through forced labor and forced acculturation" Too often I see books about Mexican-Americans that adopt a patronizing "poor them, they're working too hard" tone. She found that, "Of the 5, children's trade books launched by sixty- three publishers in the three year period, only include 1 or more Negroes- an average of 6. Books depicting African American experiences are valuable for all children. Despite this clear indication of the merits of multicultural literature, a concurrent body of research has found that there is a historic and current lack of culturally authentic literature in the existing literary canon for children including classics, Newbery Medal and Caldecott books, tradebooks, best sellers. In the Standard English Proficiency Program, a multicultural reading program was formulated and subsequently implemented in through in the Oakland Unified School District.

It is used in twelve states and roughly 60, middle school students have participated in the REACH project Webb, Some of these resources are general, covering a variety of cultural groups, while others may focus on a specific category, such as African-Americans.

There might be similar moments that they - in fact, a lot of multicultural children will go through. If not, be wary.

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Writing the history of multicultural children's literary criticism is a dissertation-length project yet to be written, and I hope that someone will soon.

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