Paired passage essay

Different genres but with some connecting aspect describing the same problem, about the same overall topic, etc. Check out this blog post to find out how I teach five paragraph essays.

paired passages grade 6 pdf

Step 3: Read and Analyze the Second Passage After analyzing the first passage, we move on to the second passage.

The best part about the task card format is that these paired passages can eventually be placed in a center for the students to work through independently. How are the passages different?

paired passages pdf

Click here to check out how I scaffold and differentiate paired texts and grab a free set of paired texts ready to use. Step 1: Introduce the Concept of Paired Passages First, I use a variety of posters and other instructional handouts to introduce students to the concept of paired passages.

I know this seems like a lot of work, but it will definitely pay off in the long run. Step 2: Read and Analyze the First Passage Once the students are comfortable with the concept of paired passages, I begin my passage instruction.

Share the Knowledge! Text-Based Writing — Our state assessment is huge on the students writing essays using evidence from passages. Close Reading Step A Read the text all the way through once to get a big picture of the structure and ideas contained in the text. The task card format is a bit of a novelty which tends to engage them more than the paper pencil part.

Paired passage essay

Students who thoroughly understand the prompt will read the paired passages with purpose and will have a much easier time locating important pieces of text.

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Lesson 4: Synthesis/Paired Passages (article)