Period trick to make your essay longer

There are many ways to make your essay longer. Remember, the more periods you have, the longer your paper will appear. While explaining your points, you should give different versions of the same point and explain each independently.

Tricks to Make an Essay Longer: after the Paper Completion and during the Writing Process It is always easier to handle the word count when you are still writing. You have to learn how to add words to your conclusion; after finishing the conclusion, you can read through and know exactly where to add words to your sentences.

While writing your essay, do use quotes to match your description.

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We do not advise you to use, for instance, Lucida Handwriting or Arial Black, because your professor will see that you are trying to make your paper look longer by applying a larger one. You can also choose to increase the length of your headers so that you can occupy more space hence more pages.

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Most of the essays usually have short headings; it is your responsibility to increase the length of the heading by constituting descriptive words that suit titles. You have to find the best solution, and these are the options: Add more graphs and the statistical result if you use them.

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For example, if your professor requires the margin size of 1. Below is a picture of identical text in two columns, both in Times New Roman, but size 12 on the left and size 13 on the right.

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How to Make an Essay Longer