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It provides a skeleton for a review tool that can be adapted or added as needed. The benefits, challenges and critical success factors of e-banking are also identified and discussed. In Ghana, banks with ATM offerings have them networked and this has increased their utility to customers.

The transition to electronic banking has therefore become a necessity for banks as it offers major opportunities in terms of competitive advantage and it also allows banks to develop a stronger and more durable business relationship with its customers.

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These review will not be just summary but will also analyze and show relationships between different variables, so that key themes can be emerged. Chapter Five: This chapter comprised a summary of the research, conclusion and recommendation on how e-banking may be integrated into Ghanaian banking activities with GTBank as the case study.

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Primary data will be collected from the customers from the selected public sector banks from Lalitpur and Jhansi district. Digital banking has provided all the facilities of banking to the customers under one roof. Massive production of services is very difficult. For example, if Bank X and Y operate with the same currency and offer the same interest rate. Meanwhile, high provisions for non-performing loans have led to a significant fall in bank profits compared to previous years. Open doors: foreign participation in financial systems in developing countries Brookings Institution Press Washington D. It deals with the collection of deposits from multiple individuals and lends these loans. Secondary data will be taken from different banks journals, websites and year books. Gomathi, V. Submitted essays in compliance with c, originally a. It all depend on different factors.

Mushtaq A. Banks were serving their customers through the manual system, which resulted in long queues to transact the business.

Gowri Shankar, A.

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The bank is an enterprise that performs the task of supplying customers with payment instruments and mediates the supply and demand for capital while simultaneously acting as a borrower and a lender Spitzer, In relationship marketing the focus is on the customer experience and supply of requirement to generate continuing individual customer satisfaction. The main reason for not using banks only via the Internet is perhaps the lack of public trust, as many people still need a physical structural presence and do not have confidence in the security of Internet. Banking operations have evolved from the mere exchange of cash, cheques and other negotiable instruments to the application of Information and Communications Technology ICT to banking transactions. As pointed out in a recent Group of ten report on electronic money, a precise definition of electronic money is difficult to provide, in part because technological innovations continue to blur distinctions between forms of prepaid electronic mechanisms See Electronic Money: Consumer protection, law enforcement, supervisory and cross-border issues, Group of Ten, April , for a list of such studies. This emphasis on developing and enhancing customer loyalty has evolved over the years and now is called CRM. They operate throughout the world, working with individuals, companies and government institutions. Banks considerably raise interest rates on loans, especially those in euro. Internet, electronic and communications technologies have been used extensively in banking for many years to advance the agenda of banks. East in his article also told there are close relationship of quality of service and customer satisfaction.
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Master Thesis On Internet Banking, Online Banking and the role of CRM