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The style of referencing you are using will dictate which details you include in your citations, how you signpost brief citations in the body of the text or in footnotes, directly or by assigning a number which links to full details in a reference listand what order you put information in.

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First, your tutors will be able to see evidence that you have done useful and relevant research for your assignment. Note: The example keeps the idea of the original writing but phrases it in a new way. If your source has three or more authors, list the first followed by et al: The results were described as "disappointing".

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Then children recognize that other people are separate beings with the right to lives of their own, and not to be ordered around. Apparently, fashion's images of artificially curvaceous models and celebrities had wreaked not a little havoc on young self-concepts. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database. It may be that the quotation you use from a particular book prompts the reader to want to go and find that particular book. The Journal of Psychology, , They thus come to feel guilt about their own aggression and real concern for the well-being of the other person. This is the case whether you use a direct quote, a paraphrase, or even just a direct or indirect mention.

Usually no one cares for them or knows them intimately Rokach, However the originality will come in your understanding, interpretation and use of what you have read, which will be quite different to other people's. Examples: Direct quote with brief citation in Harvard style - Wengerargues that; "Engagement, imagination and alignment each create relations of belonging.

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In-text citation technique Paraphrasing Children who develop a capacity for sympathy or compassion — often through empathetic perspectival experience — understand what their aggression has done to another separate person, for whom they increasingly care. Points to note: There are different ways you can incorporate an in-text citation into your work. Note: In this incorrect example the writing is too similar to the original source. This is known as indirect quotation or paraphrasing: Among the many guides to writing at university, one of the clearest accounts of how to reference sources and avoid plagiarism is that of Kennedy who gives examples of different ways of referencing. Empathy is not morality, but it can supply crucial ingredients of morality. Long quotes should only be used if you are planning to analyse the text in some detail. Your assignment should be mostly written in your own words, using evidence from your research to support or challenge your statements. It is sometimes also called citation.

They have often been physically and even sexually abused, have relocated frequently, and many of them may be asked to leave home or are actually thrown out, or alternatively are placed in group homes or in foster care.

In this example of paraphrasing, there is more evidence of thinking about the original text rather than just cutting and pasting and a good attempt has been made to put it into different words.

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Example: Correct Paraphrasing Many homeless experience isolation in part due to suffering from abuse or neglect during their childhood Rokach, Frequently, they have been physically or sexually abused, or have lived in group homes.

Students often worry that including a citation for every idea they have got from their reading will make their work look like it is unoriginal and derivative - just a string of other people's ideas.

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Stage or draft 2 Nussbaump. The causes of loneliness in homeless youth. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier database.

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