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Literature review In the United States, a larger section of economy is mainly centered on small businesses.

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This ideal incorporates the SWOT analysis together with the vision, mission, objectives, goals, values, competitive advantage, critical success factors, measurement, and feedback.

Consequently, robust leadership will eventually affect the success and profitability of small business. For instance, a group vision is produced by a sense of personal involvement.

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Charismatic leadership Charisma in leadership is highlighted and defined in numerous ways. In modern business environment, businesses — whether small or large- will importantly require effective managers and effective leaders if any operation is going to be regarded as successful.

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Business and MBA Research point out that they are a type of leader, that type of leader that handles, controls, and directs bureaucratic enterprises. As the leaders are involved in features such as organizing, planning, controlling, and staffing, they are observed to be operating under management. These leadership and management hence need to be employee motivation towards adaptation of organizational vision and mission. These varying definitions will undeniably agree that leadership is a process; it incorporates influence, involves attainment of a well labeled goal, and occurs in a group context. On the other side, large organizations obviously incorporate people with a clear understanding of management models by the time they have completed their studies in colleges. This approach is centered on the perception that through this approach, it is possible for leadership approaches to be isolated. Therefore, the main objective here is not to evaluate how the two terms vary, but rather how they contribute to success of small business. In relation to the small businesses standards application, one British Standards Institute website has observed that it is possible for real business standards to be achieved by small scale businesses. Management Versus Leadership Research Papers Learn the difference between management verses leadership in a custom research paper from Paper Masters. From the study, it was clearly observed that the main reason behind failure of small business was management neglect, and lack of knowledge on leadership. However, they argue that customer impact must be integrated with strategic management as a way of achieving the desired results. In theory Y, the managers believe that mental or physical effort expenditure is as natural as rest and play. It is possible for some leaders to possess certain traits.

These authors strongly agree that failure in these businesses is mainly caused by poor skills in management and leadership. Bill Clinton once complained that the presidency is like managing a graveyard because, as president, he had plenty of people under him, but that none of them listened to him.

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However, this growth has slowed following emergence of unprincipled leaders whose main aim has been satisfaction of individual needs as opposed to their employees and customers. The indicators that have mainly been employed in performance measurement are: profitability, annual earnings, and return on investments.

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This approach is centered on the perception that through this approach, it is possible for leadership approaches to be isolated. This performance measurement approach is incorporated as a result of limitation connected with small businesses financial data measurement. This is a simple indication that these two aspects will undeniably involve interchanging and similar roles and hence can hardly be fully isolated. In theory X, it is observed that this individual characteristic is highly likely to provoke the need for controlling, coercing, or even threatening individuals if they are to be encouraged to make efforts required for organizational goal achievement. The satisfaction of the owners through performance of business is perceived to be one significant success indicators. As a result, for any economy to be successful, small business have to be competitive and productive Beaver The failure of these businesses is indeed due to failure to adopt the necessary and fundamental requisites of a successful organization; effective leadership and management skills. With small business research, these leaders will be provided with understanding of leadership activities that are necessary for specific position if achievement of organizational objectives and goals is to be enhanced. It has rapidly expanded rendering the management of its operations a challenge.
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