Solution for environmental problems essay

Ecologists studying the environmental variations are excited and eager to have their intellectual dispensation utilized in adaptive decision making.

Organic fed animals produce less carbon dioxide than animals that are given hormones to grow larger. Air pollution in the city is associated with various public health concerns. However, cattle flatulence is a primary source of methane gas, responsible for short term environmental challenges.

The usage of non-conventional sources of energy should be encouraged. In addressing some key environmental problems women play a major role. A population explosion that creates excessive amounts of waste and garbage and puts heavy demands on the environment, strip and coal mining, emissions control, and species elimination and extinction are major concerns.

Air and water quality in cities and surrounding areas is poor.

how to reduce environmental problems essay

Every individual could play a significant role to combat this problem. While there are some obvious effects that large human populations would have on the natural environment, there are also less evident psychological and political ramifications. This word means the relation of plants and living creatures to each other and to their environment.

Similarly, it will highlight the potential solutions help to restore ecological balance. These problems occur not only around our neighborhoods, but also throughout the world.

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