The witch hunt craze and the modern feminist movement

womens rights during the salem witch trials

Kramer's novel arguments were not well received prior to the publication of the Malleus when he was an inquisitor, especially by local authorities Behringer, I don't believe in witchcraft. Kramer needed to use Question Six to change the opinion of his peers.

Middleton, records the conviction of the Lugbara tribe of Kenya that a witch is a man [emphasis added] who perverts a mystical power of kinship for his own selfish ends and is therefore an evil person.

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After the publication of the Malleus, details surrounding Kramer's career as inquisitor of witches are less clear. The majority of witch hunts occurred between andwith a peak around theaccording to Federici. Between the 14th and 18th centuries in Europe, thousands of people accused of witchcraft were put to death in a Catholic church-sponsored inquisition.

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Women are by nature instruments of Satan -- they are by nature carnal, a structural defect rooted in the original creation.

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Witch Trials in Context: From Feminism to the Witch Cult Hypothesis