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Crashes involving young drivers are a big problem, causing one in five serious road casualties, so improving awareness of the risks on roads is crucial for teenagers too.

Jose Abueva. This could be of a creative project by the children, such as a screening of a video they have made or performance of a play, or by an external partner, such as emergency service professionals. Never try to cross a road until you are told.

Task the students with writing fictitious newspaper articles on different types of crashes. Key Stage 3: age teaching ideas By the time children reach secondary school they are likely to be becoming much more independent as road users and, as such, are exposed to increased road risks.

Discuss improving road user behaviour What can be done to improve behaviour of road users? Or tougher laws and enforcement?

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These people are more likely to be killed or hurt. Key stage 4 and beyond: age teaching ideas Statistically, this is an age group at a much higher risk of death and injury on the road than any other, and road crashes are the biggest killer of this age group. Make it clear that there are sustainable and active alternatives to car use, which are good for you and the planet. You could devise a quiz to test their knowledge. Bienvenido Nebres, Dr. Some people do dangerous things when walking or cycling, such as texting on their phone while crossing a road. Can the children match them with pictures you hold up? What can be done to help people understand the risks and get into safer habits? The truth is there is no more principalship. You can create your own custom maps for free or for a small cost for added customisation options using Google maps. What choices did the characters make that led to the injury?

You: Record some road sounds, or find them online: car, fire engine, motorbike, bicycle bell, a pedestrian crossing beeping.

Getting messages across to parents Write, paint, draw, film or design road safety adverts for parents about the importance of driving slowly and safely when kids are about. We all daily see the evidences of changing anywhere. You can explore road safety as part of subjects such as literacy, maths, and science see lesson ideas below.

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Guide to teaching road safety